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The Extinction Crisis: What does this mean for travel?

In light of COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently taking place in Glasgow, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the impact that humans have had on the planet, and what lies ahead for us in the future. Read on for our thoughts on the current Extinction Crisis and what this means for travel.

For us at Pelorus and our conservation-focused charity the Pelorus Foundation, we strive to do our utmost to limit the devastating impact of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Mass extinctions are defined as the loss of 75% of species over a short geological period. Many scientists believe that a sixth mass extinction is well underway, however, this one is caused by humans and is proceeding at a rate 100 times faster than its predecessors. Scientists at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity stated that, every day, up to 150 plant and animal species may go extinct due to the human-centred world of habitat loss and constant change.

Chester-white-rhino-face-on-grass Tree
dolphin-underwater-sun-rays-ocean snowy-trees-mountains

Within the last century, native species have shrunk to 20% in land-based habitats from habitat fragmentation caused by such issues as soil degradation, deforestation and pollution. Larger vertebrae species such as whales, sea turtles, and birds are disappearing.

Many believe that an instant halt in business and capitalism is the only way to stop this sixth mass extinction event, shifting the onus of the environmental catastrophe onto a small portion of individuals and companies who thrive on it to turn a hefty profit. Unfortunately, such a result is unrealistic, but luckily, such extremity is not the only solution.

Gorilla in jungle

“Yet the history of our world shows even in the face of cataclysmic events, nature somehow finds a way. Our planet can get along perfectly well without humans but we cannot survive at all without all the services that nature provides. So I suppose we have to ask: will self-interest kick in before it is too late for our species?” – Sir David Attenborough

Instead, we must focus on developing concepts such as sustainable finance, sustainable travel, and sustainable agriculture. By doing this, we can avoid greenwashing, and we can make it clear that the environment is our first priority ahead of human activity.

It is no longer enough to raise awareness about this climate catastrophe, it is now time for us to reshape our business, social and personal habits in line with the very fact that when nature flourishes, so do we. Without it, we do not only struggle, but cease to exist. Here at Pelorus, we strive to limit the impact of this climate catastrophe by ensuring care for the world around us is our first priority in every single one of our trips.

We benefit from working with a network of experts in this field across the world, so we are striving to work for the good of our planet in all that we do. We are constantly working to educate ourselves on the threat of the sixth mass extinction, and to inspire our clients to do the same.

Empower yourself and your family to make a positive change. Pelorus guests can take part in conservation efforts across the world. Navigate French Polynesian waters in the company of expert marine biologists, carrying out critical research on habitats and species in areas where little research has previously been conducted. Help track endangered animals such as the mountain gorilla in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or support the environment by basing your trip at a luxury eco-hotel like Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the options for designing your once-in-a-lifetime trip, putting the environment first.


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