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The Game With Pelorus Hero

How Would You React to The Game?

The Game creates an alternate reality using actors and professional production teams, led by special forces, intelligence agencies and counter terrorism experts with access to exclusive locations.

By creating and developing a life-changing series of events, The Game challenges your determination and resolve by seeing how you react and deal with high pressure situations within a controlled environment. These scenarios can include topics such as conflict resolution, escape and evasion, or an Espionage Challenge.

Carefully designed to provide a strenuous test of the participants’ mental, physical, and emotional fortitude, the Espionage Challenge begins with a full day of training to equip you with skills for responding quickly and creatively to unfolding scenarios, followed by a two-day spy mission, and then concluding with a follow-up summary day.

Not for the faint-hearted, participants will be fully immersed and introduced to highly confidential, classified information in this unique, undercover operation alongside ex-special unit veterans.

This is the chance to experience something truly out of the ordinary: discovering how you’d cope in a hostage situation: your ability to negotiate, whether you’re the type to put yourself in harm’s way to help others or take your chance to escape.


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