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Our Top Experiences for 2020

Extending the frontier of experiential travel in 2020

December 2019

With so many fascinating destinations to explore across the globe, the task of choosing where to visit next can appear daunting. Here at Pelorus, we have compiled a list of 20 incredible experiences that utilise our network of world-leading experts and unrivalled access to exclusive locations.

Norway: Whales, Wolves and Wilderness

Two wolves in front of the Northern Lights, Norway Huskies pulling a sled in Norway
An orca pod breaking the surface in Norway A sea eagle with a fresh catch by the coast in Norway

Northern Norway showcases the staggering beauty of the Arctic and is home to an abundance of incredible wildlife. Meet beguiling wolves and watch them interact with each other in a unique encounter with these enchanting creatures at Wolf Lodge. Explore huge swathes of glacial landscape by snowmobile or learn the art of ‘mushing’ from a local expert and control your own sled pulled by huskies. Transfer to the Lofoten coast in a private helicopter; jump into a speedboat to watch majestic sea eagles circling just above your head or pull on a wet suit and dive into the ice-cold water to observe Orcas swimming beneath you.

Culture in Columbia

Virtually untouched by tourism, Colombia is rapidly becoming established as one of the most colourful, biodiverse and culturally fascinating destinations on Earth. Beginning in Cartagena, soar over the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by helicopter for an exclusive aerial view of the ‘Lost City’. Journey north to visit the indigenous Kogui community where Pelorus has gained exclusive access to this remote tribe. Take part in a humbling cultural exchange by delivering school supplies and other essentials to the local people, before leaving the jungle behind and journeying to the coast for an intimate experience with one of the world’s biggest concentrations of humpback whales.

Madagascar: A World of its own

Close up shot of a chameleon, Madagascar Helicopter flying over the Madagascan jungle
Time and Tide beachside huts, Madagascar Close up image of a lemur in Madagascar

Using newly acquired rope-climbing skills, scale the vast trunks of Madagascar’s famed Baobab trees. Alongside unrivalled panoramic views, this exclusive experience offers the opportunity to work with leading scientists in one of the most ecologically significant forests in the world and even sleep in the tree canopies suspended way above the floor. Track the magnificent humpback whale through the open doors of a helicopter soaring over the coastline before returning to the ground and embarking on a jungle trekking expedition to find the rare Gold Crowned Lemur.

Tribes and Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Tribe around a fire in Papua New Guinea Child from a traditional tribe in Papua New Guinea
Traditionally dressed tribesman in Papua New Guinea Plane wreckage in Papua New Guinea

Discover Papua New Guinea, one of the most unexplored and culturally diverse countries in the world, while on board your luxury yacht.  Over a 7-day cruise, swim with bottlenose dolphins and dive the exceptional WWII wrecks that litter the ocean floor. Climb active volcanoes, helicopter to waterfalls, and visit isolated tribes to share their traditions and unique way of life, long lost to the modern world. Take part in the region’s leatherback turtle conservation efforts before taking a helicopter trip to the Asaro Valley to meet the Asaro Mudmen. Here you will learn about the history of black magic from real witchdoctors and eat a Mumu feast.

New Zealand: Air, Land and Sea

This amazing journey through New Zealand will take you across the water, over land, and into the air. But first, embrace the cultural heritage of this spectacular country by beginning your experience with a traditional Maori welcome, where the Powhiri will demonstrate how spirituality, a love of the land, and respect for others remain entrenched in this ancient culture. Swim alongside seals and dolphins, explore the west coast by helicopter, discovering waterfalls, alpine lakes, and cavernous mountain ridges and pitch an authentic camp on the shores of the Arahura River under the starlit sky.

The Diversity of Brazil

Visit the vibrant, bustling streets of Rio de Janiero and witness the iconic statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ from a completely unique angle as you fly above it in a private helicopter. Stepping away from civilisation, work alongside scientists and conservationists to assist in collaring Jaguars for a bespoke, once in a lifetime experience. Track, sedate and collar these mysterious and mesmeric creatures in order to aid conservation efforts. Challenge your most basic instincts with a visit to Manaus where a jungle survival experience awaits you. Led by a team of ex-army officers, learn how to make a fire, source food, and build a shelter for a truly authentic experience that will prove to be a true test of your character.

Polar Bear Research in Svalbard

Polar bear shaking off sea water on Svalbard A walrus relaxing on the Svalbard coast
A man explores an ice cave in Svalbard Explorers on snowmobiles in Svalbard, Norway, Arctic

Svalbard’s imposing terrain, stark glaciers, and incredible wildlife offer a diverse and unparalleled yachting experience. Intimate knowledge of the climate within this tough environment is essential to a successful voyage. Guests of Pelorus will be able to join internationally recognised experts to traverse the ice on snowmobiles in search of Polar Bears and take part in the Norwegian Polar Institute’s project to register animals in the Arctic. The yacht will make for 82 Degrees North – this is the most northerly point it is possible to reach with a yacht. Very few superyachts have ever been this far. This is also another hunting area for polar bears as seals sleep on the broken ice, offering the opportunity for another encounter with these majestic creatures.

Local Immersion and Jungle Escapism in Costa Rica

Journey through atmospheric mangroves to leave the outside world behind before hiking with a local farmer into the wilderness of Corcovado National Park. You will be granted exclusive rights to move through the tribally controlled areas, where you can marvel at the 800 endemic tree species, before staying at a remote village for an authentic insight into local life. As the days pass, you will journey deeper into virgin landscapes alongside locals and a naturalist who will help you to discover extraordinary wildlife while your evenings will be spent with communities that inhabit the forest and have come to understand its rhythm over generations.

Remote Adventure and Endangered Species in Vietnam

Beyond the buzzing cities, the jungles of Vietnam harbour the secrets of mystical caves and are home to a secretive population of critically endangered Langurs. Embark on a trekking expedition through dense Vietnamese jungle, visiting remote villages and their unique ethnic populations before roping up under the guidance of Pelorus experts to climb up and rappel down a jaw-dropping cave system, whose size is unmatched anywhere in the world. Back above ground, search for the elusive Langur and the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey alongside a team of scientists and conservationists. The purpose of this collaboration is to gain an understanding of and contribute to the projects that seek to protect the largest known population of this critically endangered species.

Conservation in the heartland of Africa

Alongside Pelorus’ wide-ranging network of qualified experts, become part of crucial conservation efforts to protect endangered species and the intricate ecosystems they inhabit. Track collared elephants to understand their migratory patterns and witness the emotional connection researches have developed with the cheetah’s they study. This experience goes beyond merely seeing big game in their natural environment but will allow you to understand the myriad, complex forces at play in their struggle to survive and thrive.

Sailing and Kayaking the Dalmatian Coast

Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean Sea Aerial view of old town on the Dalmatian Coast
Aerial view of a kayak in the Mediterranean Boats sailing near an island in the Mediterranean

Board your sailing catamaran at the UNESCO world heritage site of Dubrovnik before heading out towards the stunning Elaphiti islands of Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, and Jakljan. Your own pace in the kayaks will dictate your days as you progress south along the Dalmatian coast. Accompanied by an expert guide throughout, you can stop at your leisure to wander the islands and inlets you discover on your own personal voyage of discovery. Take in the spectacular scenery, while looking out for friendly pods of dolphins and exploring a stunning citadel private island by night.

Adventure in Argentina and Patagonia

Expect colour, flamboyance, superb wines, delicious meat, and vibrant nightlife in Argentina’s Buenos Aires. Swirl across the dance floor and tango the night away in a private dance class before heading out to explore the city’s hidden speakeasy bars. Travel west to Mendoza, Argentina’s wine capital where you will join a sommelier and head out on mountain bikes to tackle some of the best vintages in the region before embarking on a two-day journey across the Andes on horseback taking in the spectacular scenery and varied terrain that you encounter. Unwind for the final part of your adventure as you stay at a riverside private camp set up exclusively for you on the Chilean border.

Immersion in Indochina

This fascinating and adventure-packed odyssey weaves you through the cultural icons of Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Witness the spellbinding beauty of the rarely visited Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar; assist with a turtle conservation project and be immersed in the culture of local fishing villages whilst staying at a beautiful island retreat. Experience authentic Asia in Laos, where culture lovers can experience a private blessing by monks, explore ancient river caves and immerse themselves in Lao spiritual life. Your journey will conclude with a fascinating insight into Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, which will be brought to life in a meeting with a survivor before you explore the lesser-known temple complexes in Siem Reap that form an integral part of this country’s cultural identity.

Family Adventure in Morocco

This adventure will see you experience the wonders of Morocco from a myriad of perspectives. Float over the Haouz Plain in a hot air balloon before trekking through the villages of the Mizane Valley, stopping for lunch in a traditional Berber community. Travel to the foot of the Kik Plateau for a high-octane dune buggy adventure that takes you deep into the Agafay stone desert before you jump onto mountain bikes and onto a new off-road route that crosses the Atlas Mountains on one of the highest passes in North Africa. Spend your nights relaxing at your luxury desert camp before concluding your trip with a spectacular helicopter ride over the amber-hued desert back to Marrakech.

Georgia: Glaciers and Paragliding

Rich in culture and astonishingly diverse landscapes, Georgia is an ideal location for nature lovers and anyone with cultural curiosity. Visit the caves of Uplistsikhe, an ancient rock-hewn town that houses extraordinary artefacts dating from the Late Bronze Age, before travelling to the mountainous region of Kazbegi. Witness spectacular views of the historic Georgian Military Highway as you journey by helicopter through the valley before tackling a challenging hike up to the Ushba Glacier with a local expert guide. Finally, to utilise Georgia’s range of diverse landscapes, journey to Gudauri to reach new heights with bespoke heliskiing, paragliding, and speed riding experiences.

Isolation in the Kimberley

Cave paintings in Kimberley Tiered waterfall in Kimberley, Australia
Yacht near waterfalls in Kimberley, Australia Helicopter hovers near a waterfall in Kimberley

Cruising around Australia’s West Coast is a truly unforgettable experience with places that few have been privileged to see. A hidden gem of Australia’s West Coast, Kimberly offers a completely unique sailing experience with cascading waterfalls, intricate cave systems, and spectacular gorges, surrounded by pockets of lush rainforest and secluded beaches. Home to an abundance of wildlife, the Kimberley is a nature lover’s paradise and boasts the opportunity to witness a variety of different fish, birds, crocodiles, and many more unique species. This vast area, with multiple places to anchor, facilitates sailing miles without seeing another boat; the perfect unspoiled exploration of Western Australia.

Marine Conservation in Raja Ampat

Often described as one of the most extraordinary environments on the planet, Raja Ampat is as remote as you get – located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on West Papua. Above water, the islands’ heritage is diverse, with prehistoric cave paintings and relics from past eras. Intrepid guests can trek through the jungle with Pelorus guides, learn about traditional life in local villages, and explore the coastal mangroves by sea kayak. Beneath the surface, Raja Ampat is recognised as the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystems. Work with indigenous communities in conservation efforts as well as with a Pelorus naturalist who will assist you in the identification and tagging of species.

Heli-Biking in Bhutan

Heli-Bikers in Bhutan
Mountain bike tracks in Bhutan

Visit the mythical Kingdom of Bhutan on the eastern edge of the Himalayas for an exclusive and exhilarating experience that combines helicopter adventure with off-road mountain biking. Be the first to carve your own tracks down previously untouched terrain safe in the knowledge that at the end of an adrenaline-fuelled day, you will return to the comfort and serenity of your luxury accommodation.

Adrenaline in Greenland

View from a kayak in the waters near Greenland
Drone shot of a whale next to a yacht in Greenland

In contrast to the harsh climate of Greenland’s inland, the island’s coastlines are interspersed with lush valleys, intricate fjord systems, and picturesque villages. On a Pelorus yacht expedition in Greenland, you will heli-ski remote powder fields, race in dog sleds, and swim with orcas and narwhales before relaxing in isolated hot springs. Enjoy lunch on top of one of the oldest glaciers in the world before cruising through iceberg filled waters to reach the tundra and searching for Musk Ox, Caribou, and Arctic Foxes in 4×4’s.


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