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vibrant coloured forests with snow capped mountains in the background


Our Top 5 Autumnal Experiences

An ideal season for exploration

Words by Pelorus

To many, the arrival of autumn may signal dark days and dreary weather. But for us, autumn is a glorious season to travel abroad; depleted crowds, milder temperatures and the ability to experience lesser-known cultural events are just some of the many perks of travelling between September and November.

Here are five of our favourite autumnal experiences.

Morocco: From desert to snowcapped peaks

Luxury tents in the Moroccan desert
Dune buggy in the Moroccan desert

Embark on a journey from the sun-scorched sand of the Moroccan desert to the snowcapped peaks of the Atlas Mountains. Substitute orange autumnal leaves for an experience that will allow for ultimate exploration, with the lower temperatures and cooling breezes that autumn brings.

Journey across the lunar landscape of the Agafay Desert in ultra terrain Predator Buggies. Experience the thrill of piloting these highly powerful vehicles over rippling dunes as you scout for a remote location to set up your camp for the night. As night falls, spend an evening under the stars with an expert astronomer and uncover the mysteries of the stars and planets that light up the sky.

Lead by a private Pelorus guide, mountain bike across the desert to the base of the rugged Atlas Mountains where snow caps the peaks at this time of year. Transferring to a road bike, climb up winding mountain passes to witness firsthand the immensity of the amber-hued landscape in an immersive and adventurous way. On your journey, stop at a Berber village and stay in a traditional Shepherds Hut for a chance to meet the local people and better understand their culture.

The wonders of Sichuan

Panda climbing a tree in Chengdu
View of the Himalayas from Sichuan

Sichuan is a province in western China that boasts a variety of stunning natural landscapes. Between September and November, temperatures are cooler and there is little rain, rendering autumn the perfect season for on-foot exploration.

Be part of a pioneering initiative to help the conservation of giant pandas, assisting with day to day operations for a truly immersive insight into the lives of these creatures. With exclusive access and the help of a expert guide, learn about their behavioural habits, how to track them and what can be done to protect them.

Embark on an unscripted mission through the rugged Tibetan borderlands of western China, that will see you conquering an undiscovered land of towering peaks, verdant valleys and mirror-like lakes. Far removed from civilisation, this experience boasts stunning panoramic views of mountainous landscapes covered by vast swathes of autumnal foliage. Alongside an expert Pelorus guide, you will traverse terrain previously untouched by visitors for a truly authentic, bespoke adventure.

Tracking bears in Transylvania

Bear cubs in the wilds of Romania
Forest covered slopes of a Romanian mountain

Transylvania is a stunning swathe of largely unspoiled countryside and is home to Europe’s largest remaining wilderness. Autumn in Romania is pleasantly warm and sees vast expanses of foliage transitioning from a lush green to amber and bronze, the perfect weather for sightseeing and taking in spectacular scenery.

Journey to the second largest river delta in Europe for an exclusive birdwatching and fishing expedition with the world champion Predator Fishing team, who will help you to hone your skills with their expert knowledge of the region. Take the opportunity to get hands-on in the water and kayak alongside expert biologists to discover the slower surface wildlife, before sampling your earlier catches in a delicious meal prepared by your team.

By car or mountain bike travel from the steppe-like Transylvanian meadows into the wild Carpathians, home to the largest brown bear population in Europe.  Under the guidance of an expert gamekeeper, take refuge in a rustic hut built within the forest and observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Track their movements and observe how they interact with each other and their surroundings while keeping a keen eye out for wild boars, stags, wolves, and even lynxes.

Floating round the Fjords of Norway

HMS Gassten in a Norwegian fjord
Sunset reflected on the waters of a Norwegian fjord

Autumn is an ideal time of year to enjoy Norway’s spectacular fall scenery, when hiking trails are quieter and temperatures are slightly cooler.

On board a luxury yacht you are able to experience multiple locations and activities without the inconvenience of packing and unpacking each time you move. Some charter destinations are reachable only by boat, giving you access to virtually untouched locations that provide breath-taking backdrops to your very own floating home.

Moor up for a magnificent hike up the biggest glacier in mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen, stopping for a picturesque picnic atop its icy summit. Fly in a helicopter over one of the most beautiful fjords in the world, Geirangerfjord, past dramatic mountains and cascading waterfalls or try your hand at fishing on a private boat, with lunch prepared from your catch in a lighthouse on your very own island.

The magic of the Middle East

Aerial view of Masada fort in Israel
Vineyards of Chateau Qanafar in Lebanon

Israel and Lebanon are both renowned for being hot and dry, but the arrival of autumn brings cooler temperatures, meaning it is the perfect time to explore these impressive countries. A visit to these two countries will be an experience brimming with political insight and cultural immersion.

Few places on earth possess the breathtaking beauty and eerie stillness of Israel. Meet with members of the Israel Defence Force and travel to the Golan Heights to understand the intricate political dynamics of the region. In jeeps, drive off-road into the demilitarised zone and along the Syrian border and learn about the complexities of the civil war in Syria and its consequences for the wider region.

Lebanon is also renowned for the production of the oldest wines and at this time of year, the traditional grape harvest takes place. Visit the oldest commercial winery in Lebanon, Domaine des Tourelles, and sample the delights of the local wine with the guidance of a sommelier, before dining amongst the vines as the sun sets.

We believe that autumn is a season that offers many extraordinary experiences unique to other times of the year.


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