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DB Family Diving Experiences


Epic Family Diving Adventures

Whether it’s about coming face to face with ocean giants or discovering a colourful and complex ocean bed, these experiences are ideal for a family-friendly diving adventure, sure to rocket to the top of your diving bucket list.

Pelorus are on-hand to design family experiences for underwater exploration, intrepid adventure and total island bliss. All built around our family-friendly yachts for charter or luxury on-land boltholes. Think beach-side boutique hotels or luxury camps. 

Invite little adventurers to broaden their imaginations, diving (or snorkeling) into a big wide world of wonder beneath the surface. Or, for those with years of experience, challenge yourself and descend to unexplored depths alongside expert guides. A string of expert dive instructors across the globe, coupled with our yachts’ superb cruising capabilities and added PADI Dive Centre Certificates, we are your go-to advisors when it comes to diving in some of the most exotic and undiscovered waters, for all levels and all ages.

For the ultimate experience for all the family, venture where few people have as you dive below the waves together in the comfort and safety of a submersible. Whether seeking to charter a submarine to launch from a yacht or wishing to include a dive as part of your land-based holiday, we can help you explore new depths.

Whatever your diving ability, a Pelorus itinerary in the world’s remote locations alongside expert guides, gives you the best opportunity of making unique discoveries with every dip below the surface. Here are a few of our favourite diving adventures designed with families in mind. When it comes to planning yours, each itinerary will be bespoke and suited to each and every member of the group. 

Wrecks and Reefs in the Solomon Islands

A blend of serene island scenery and spectacular dive sites with a good range of shallows, makes the Solomon Islands a wonderful destination for the family to enjoy each dive together. Located in the Coral Triangle, here you will have the pleasure of exploring a colourful underwater world surrounding jungle drenched islands, where crevasses and caves attract exotic fish. Explore the iconic sun dappled reef canyon known as Leru Cut and the Blue Wall, featuring shelves covered in a unique display of nudibranchs. Together, you can also dive the Mirror Pond; an incredible reef with a sheer wall that reflects the jungle overhead.

Amongst the many highlights is the world’s largest saltwater lagoon, an exceptional area to dive. In Mbulo, you descend a gentle sloping wall that leads into volcanic lava tubes, a surreal experience sure to make memories last a lifetime. Contribute to on-going conservation efforts in the region, tagging turtles alongside rangers whilst searching for dugongs and crocodiles. And for some cultural immersion, of which you will have plenty of opportunity, prepare a traditional Melanesian feast on hot rocks for an authentic Solomon Island dining experience.

Discover Diving & Jungles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famed for its rich biodiversity both above and below the waterline, the best wave breaks in the world and varied topography fit for a high-octane adventure. The little adventurers amongst you will be mesmerised to snorkel alongside an unparalleled host of tropical fish which reside within vibrant and colourful coral reefs.

From your luxury tented jungle hideout, awaken to the jungle chorus of scarlet macaws and toucans before venture downstream on a raft through the rainforest, keeping those eyes peeled for jaguars. Take the skies for a heli-surf excursion in search for the best breaks in remote bays, keeping an eye out for dolphins and humpback whales below. Enrich your experience and join expert marine biologists in their conservation efforts to track the movements of hammerhead sharks, where you will have the unique chance to catch your own hammerhead, lifting them out of the water to fit a tagging device.

For the ultimate underwater experience, embark on a once in a lifetime submersible adventure, taking you up to 450 feet below the surface. Revel in 360-degree views through the orb of the cockpit as you sink into the depth of the ocean. Here you will discover an array of pelagic life including hammerhead sharks, manta rays, tuna and schools of snapper.

Family Dive Trips in Kenya & Tanzania

From the secluded islands of Zanzibar, to crystal-clear waters that teem with exotic fish, you are sure to find thrilling adventure and utter relaxation on this charter experience. Learn to dive as a group in shallow reef and graduate to deeper waters, all during one charter. We suggest doing a bubble-maker course for the little ones with dugongs and rays, whilst the rest of the group swim with whale sharks and dolphins.

Unique experiences include night diving, planting new corals for reef conservation purposes, and exploring a fascinating underwater cave network host to an abundance of marine life such as dolphins, moray eels and pelagic species. Away from the water, whether you chose to sandboard Kenya’s Shela Dunes or take a helicopter inland to introduce youngsters to elephants and giraffes, this stretch of undiscovered coastline is sure to surpass your every expectation.

Sharks and Subs in Honduras & Belize

Relatively unknown, the Caribbean’s Honduras Islands are a diver’s paradise. A combination of warm and sheltered waters, whale sharks, sandy shallows and interesting wrecks, coupled with exploration along the Belize Barrier Reef and guided jungle wildlife hikes, this itinerary is sure to inspire an epic family adventure.

For the ultimate diving experience, take a helicopter over the Great Blue Hole, before touching down and back-rolling into it alongside expert Pelorus guides. If flying above a sinkhole that extends 125m into the Earth’s crust doesn’t quite inspire you, maybe a submersible expedition to explore the ocean’s undiscovered depths will? Our yachts cruising Central American and Caribbean waters have excellent capabilities to conduct epic submersible expeditions from – something the entire family can enjoy regardless of your diving level, as this simply involves sitting back and watching the aquatic world pass by.

Serene Ocean Exploration in French Polynesia

These idyllic islands offer a serene oasis for those seeking a more relaxing adventure. The surrounding Tuamotu archipelago and Society Islands are great for beginner diving trips due to sheltered coral gardens for younger divers, and interesting drop offs for those with more experience.

A yacht charter to French Polynesia will introduce you to cobalt-blue lagoons where tropical fish animate the coral gardens and pelagic life is thriving, pearl farms and vanilla orchid plantations, coral conservation projects and incredibly friendly locals who can teach you about their enthralling culture – what’s not to love?

Fiji’s Rainforests & Reefs

As a world-famous soft coral paradise, Fiji is unsurprisingly high on every diver’s bucket list and can certainly be suited to families. Teeming with more the 1,500 species of marine life, these crystal-clear waters are tattooed with a spectrum of colour. Owing to a dramatic seascape of pinnacles, canyons and coral-draped walls, calm waters and shallow lagoons, Fiji’s dive scene is ideal for both beginners and experienced divers.

Pristine reefs and vibrant coral gardens create a magical underwater kingdom for the little ones. Glide alongside majestic manta rays as they feed, or for a heart-thumping dive why not swim amongst ocean predators such as bull sharks, lemon sharks and tiger sharks. Venture further inland from your jungle hideaway on horseback, through a maze of coconut palms to meet with native inhabitants famed for their friendly ethos. Currently, with the blue lanes initiative in place, guests can fly in to join a yacht with no travel restrictions.

Diving is just a part of the wider adventure. When travelling with Pelorus, adventures into the unknown are unparalleled – be it exotic or polar, from a yacht or luxury property, by helicopter or 4×4. This is thanks to a unique combination of world-class service every step of the way and second-to-none knowledge of your desired destination. This, coupled with minute-by-minute precision planning, enforced by our military background and years of experience, ensures an otherworldly experience for you and your family.

After all, it’s about learning together and enjoying a hobby that you can take pretty much anywhere; say Iceland, Malta or the Maldives.


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