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Bhutan Hero Tigers Nest Monastery


Tranquil Trekking in the Himalayas

A forgotten Himalayan nation tucked in amongst mountainous folds. Promoting wellness, sustainability, and happiness this is the perfect place to reflect and relax. Uncover this spiritual and majestic mountain kingdom that time forgot.

When to go
From price
£14,500 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

Journey through this tranquil landscape and immerse yourself in the spirit of Buddhism. Bask in the scenic beauty as you unearth the overwhelming sense of peace that can be found in this magical land. Starting in the capital Thimphu, make your way through the streets and alleyways with your personal guide, visiting national monuments and museums, local boutiques, and bustling bazaars as you acclimatise to the high-altitude environment. Situated a breathtaking 2,334m above sea-level the gilded temple tops, golden spires, and bell towers appear to reach into the heavens. Retreat at the end of the day to your own palace in the sky for a little rest bite from the capital. With spectacular views of Thimphu Valley and across to the giant Buddha, watch as the sun slides behind the mountains and the shimmering lights of Thimphu appear.

Awake early to watch the sunrise over the valley whilst delighting in a freshly prepared breakfast spread from your vantage point, before departing on an enchanting hike through fragrant pine forests to the lesser-known Talakha Monastery. Here you can take part in tree and flower planting, alongside the monks who study here. Returning to enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by your private chef amongst the sweet orchard apple trees, sit back and enjoy the view.

Continue your journey to the subtropical valley of Panakha whose warmer climate is home to vast rice paddies and aromatic orange orchards. Stop at the architecturally impressive Punakha Dzong, a vast fortress and the second oldest in Bhutan. Enjoy a historic tour of this 180m long whitewashed building, with its impressive six stories topped with rustic red tiles before sipping a freshly prepared cocktail at this riverside location. Before finding your way across the prayer flag-covered suspension bridge, that hangs above the Mo Chhu River, to your lodge nestled in the mountainside. Awake to a guided mediation and spa session and allow yourself time to rest in this soothing woodland farmhouse.

A short drive takes you to the helipad where you will be flown deep into the Black Mountain, over the Lawa La pass, and on to Gangtey valley, a protected black neck crane reserve. A warm welcome awaits you in the form of a de-stress massage and traditional hot stone bath, in which the mineral-rich river rocks are used to heat the water. Bhutanese believe that happiness is the result of good health and that these baths can help to relieve aches and pains by encouraging repair and renewal for all the systems in the body. Awake to take part in the mornings pray flag hoisting ceremony, allowing the mountain breeze to carry your prayers onwards. Lap up the laid-back lifestyle and fill your day with peaceful strolls through woodland, past secluded mediation huts, grazing yak, and up on to idyllic hilltop lookouts; the perfect spot for a picnic boasting panoramic views. Spend your evening at a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse, partaking in household chores, and cooking an authentic meal. Witness firsthand the unpretentious lifestyle, and overall sense of contentment found in a simplistic home.

Amankora in Bhutan Bhutan Punakha Dzong Monastery
Fertile Valley in Bhutan Monks at Punakha Monastery Bhutan

Your final few days will be spent in the valley of Paro, where you will wind your way over the Pa Chhu River, past Ugyen Pelri Palace to explore Paro Town. Attend morning blessings at the local temple, take in the peaceful atmosphere and deepen your knowledge of local cultural practices before relaxing in the spa facilities available at your lodge to truly unwind. Finally, discover the iconic Taktsang Goemba or Tiger’s Nest Monastery, that appears to cling to its perch on the rocky cliff face it inhabits. Envelope yourselves in the tranquility and beauty of this extraordinary place, with each view more awe-inspiring than the next. A place where rugged Himalayan ridges are softened by thick woodland, meadows, and an all-consuming sense of peace, calm, and happiness.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults travelling for 14 nights excluding international flights.


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