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Travel Advice Update

Last updated 30th March 2020


Current update 

At Pelorus the wellbeing, health and safety of our staff and clients is our top priority. We constantly monitor evolving situations that affect, or are likely to affect regions that our clients and staff travel to. We work closely with local partners, government agencies and health authorities to ensure that we are on top of situations such as virus epidemics, geo-political issues and anything else that has the potential to affect our clients’ ability to travel and their safety and health whilst on a Pelorus trip.

Regarding current travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we will be guided as always by advice from the FCO (UK), State Department (US) and the World Health Organisation. We’re currently advised to avoid all but essential travel, we will continue to monitor this situation and adhere to government advice to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients, partners and industry peers.


The future

We are however looking to the future, to a time when we can once again venture to explore new locations and discover experiences that transform and enrich our lives. Start planning today for travel later this year or beyond, curating the perfect tailor-made trip takes time. Travel benefits many of our partners, experts, private lodges, camps, guides, yacht crew and others, supporting them and the local communities they operate in is really important to us. Guided by us, your forward planning will help the industry to bounce back.

Discover more about how we can use this time to start Planning with Purpose.

Importantly, for clients who have booked with us, being a tour operator, any Pelorus trip is fully-bonded and, where necessary, we are committed to offering the possibility of postponing your trip, changing your destination or helping in any other way that we can, not only during these unusual circumstances but whenever we plan a trip. As with all trips that we do, we advise that clients have comprehensive travel insurance in place which will protect them financially from any other expenses that might incur from a trip not being able to proceed.


If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with our team at info@pelorusx.com or call +44 20 3848 5424.

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