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landscape shot of the northern lights


Travel and Adventure Inspiration

We’ve compiled 10 travel and adventure experiences to inspire your next holiday

1. Heli safari in British Columbia

Follow resident orca whales as they hunt in the waters around British Columbia and spot black bears skulking through the forests below. Throw in fly fishing, remote picnic lunches and a luxury lodge, and you’ve got the makings of an incredible family holiday.

2. Delta safari in Botswana

Weave through the intricate waterways of the Okavango Delta, experiencing incredibly personal encounters with Africa’s most celebrated wildlife. Elephants, hippos, lions, leopards, crocodiles… they’re all here. Top it off by camping on remote, uninhabited islands each night.

3. Tribes in Papua New Guinea

Immerse yourself in a unique culture by meeting the diverse tribes within Papua New Guinea. Often found in the most remote and inaccessible regions, these tribes have carved fascinating lives from their intimate connection to nature and the surroundings.

4. Conservation in Mozambique

Actively take part in elephant tagging programmes in Mozambique. Your family will learn more about the value of conservation, and see first-hand the efforts being undertaken by scientists and rangers to preserve these iconic emblems of Africa.

Heli landed on a small island surrounded by pristine waters children paddle out on a locally built boat to a desert island
A couple taken by boat close to the shores where an elephant drinks from the water Rangers looking after an Elephant

5. Private yacht in Raja Ampat

Sail the blue waters around Raja Ampat in total privacy and luxury. Enjoy supper on hidden beaches, discover exotic wildlife, relax on the yacht’s sundeck, and take advantage of the numerous diving opportunities.

6. Northern Lights in Iceland

See the Northern Lights dance in the skies above one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. For families and groups wanting to blend amazing scenery, off-the-beaten-track luxury, and genuine adventure, Iceland is hard to beat.

7. Cenote diving in Mexico

Explore hidden cenotes in Mexico, where sunlight cuts through gin-clear underground waters. We’ll provide expert dive masters to lead you and your family, enabling you to see the secret corners where few others have been.

8. Mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Spending time with mountain gorillas is often described as a life-changing experience. You’ll stay in a nearby lodge and trek through thick jungle to reach these critically-endangered primates. You will then spend an hour with them, getting within a few metres. A truly amazing experience.

9. Riding in the wilds of Australia

For keen riders, Australia is the ultimate playground. Spend time on a ranch, galloping through vast landscapes, herding cattle and running with kangaroos. The sheer amount of open space here is astonishing – you could ride for days and days without seeing another person.

10. Tiger tracking in India

India is home to 70% of the world’s tigers. Head deep into the country’s national parks with experienced local guides in search of these elusive cats – each sighting is incredibly special.



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