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ko hong lagoon thailand

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A cruising route through the forested regions of Southern Thailand and Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago takes in some of the world’s most indisputably unspoiled regions. It includes a number of diverse traditions, culture, flora, fauna and marine life that is truly remarkable.

When to go:
November – May

Arrive in Phuket, where you will be met at the airport and escorted to your yacht. From here, cruise to the Surin Islands, the home of the Moken, an ancient sea-faring people who have roamed the Andaman Sea for generations. They possess a rich understanding of the reefs and have exceptional free diving and spear hunting skills. Meet with your Moken guide and learn more about their culture and traditions before heading out on a snorkel excursion to spot sea turtles and sharks.

Spend the next day with the Moken tribe to gain more insight into the symbiotic relationship they have with their surroundings. You’ll be collected in their traditional ‘long tail boats’ and taken to their stilted villages built directly over water. Enjoy a beach picnic lunch provided by your crew with the tribespeople and listen to the music and stories of their ancestors. Hike into the forest with a Moken guide who will highlight the uses of edible and medicinal plants while pointing out monkeys and hornbills who also thrive here.

After an overnight cruise, arrive at Kawthoung to cross the border into Myanmar. Once your captain has taken care of custom formalities, leave the mainland and cruise into the Mergui Archipelago. Once anchored, head down to the swim platform where your onboard yoga instructor will introduce you to paddleboard yoga. Stretched out and feeling at home in the water, swap your paddleboard for a kayak and explore the nearby mangroves with your Pelorus guide. In this diverse area, you will be able to spot a wide variety of birds, reptiles, and marine life. As the evening draws in, enjoy a secluded dinner under the moonlight, complete with performances from Myanmarese musicians and fire dancers, followed by a private fireworks display.

Survival of the Fittest

Awake in Great Swinton Island where you will be joined on board by Burmese Buddhist monk who will perform a blessing for you, your crew, and the yacht. In the afternoon, head ashore to a remote ‘jungle spa’ set up in a totally isolated spot by Pelorus. After your treatments, take an invigorating shower under the waterfalls or bathe in the freshwater rivers.

A second day in the archipelago will see you stranded ashore in a remote island location, with little more than your team and an expert survival guide. After a briefing from your guide, you will practise survival methods on a hike across the island, reading maps and clues and collecting items along the way. Once at the designated beach, work with your team to successfully hunt, fish or forage for your food before attempting to build a fire from scratch. Lunch will depend on your success. You will then use items found on the beach, along with what you collected en route, to build a raft or rafts. The winning team are the first back to the yacht.

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A Vibrant Underwater World

Cruise to the small islet of High Rock. Here, you can explore some incredible reefs in a submersible or on a dive. The sheer volume and vibrance of marine life will hit you as soon as you descend. Blue line snapper will form great schools that obscure the reef from view. Glassfish are equally numerous, as are gold-striped fusiliers and yellow tail barracuda. February to May see the most frequent visits from manta rays and whale sharks, attracted by the plankton-rich feeding opportunities at this time of year. Take part in exclusive marine conservation efforts, assisting scientists to gain a new understanding of manta rays and their migratory habits.

The final days of your expedition will take you back to Thailand where you will have the chance to dive the famous Richelieu Rock and try your hand at underwater photography with your guide. Dry off and helicopter ashore to uncover the art of Thai boxing with a local champion. He will teach you the ancient techniques of Muay Thai before you watch an exclusive Thai boxing match between two renowned professionals. Finish your trip with an evening kayak excursion to the lagoons and dark caves of Ko Hong where you can witness the magic of the bioluminescent plankton as they shimmer in the water under your paddles.


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