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Helicopter dropping off guests at sun rise


Unique & Remote Ski Experiences

Pelorus is always looking for new and exciting ways to experience remote locations, and there’s no better way to escape the crowds than by heading to the mountains. Here is a shortlist of our favourite remote ski holidays that offer the chance to escape, as well as to enjoy exceptional experiences in luxurious surroundings with friends and family.

This winter may be different to previous winter seasons, but you can rest assured that Pelorus, along with out resident infection prevention advisor, will help you travel to the slopes safely. Get in touch with us if you would like to inquire more about our preparations on

Italian Dolomites – Remote Skiing & World-Class Cuisine

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: White Deer Mountain Lodge, San Cassiano

Nestled amongst the mountains in Alta Badia, discover a wealth of pistes on your doorstep. With an impressive array of ski lift connections, explore over 1100km of pistes in both the San Cassiano and Alta Badia resorts including the famous Armentarola run, known as both the most picturesque and longest slope in the Dolomite region. Host to multiple Michelin starred resturants, you will lunch in style sampling delicious Italian delicacies at charmingly authentic mountain restaurants.

Accompanied by an expert Pelorus guide, you will have the opportunity to embark on the iconic Sellaronda Skitour, which circumnavigates the majestic Sella Massif. An extraordinary experience and 40km of great fun for the ambitious skier, as a glistening white canvas of world-class off-piste awaits you. Shred tracks in pristine powder whilst marvelling at the peaceful isolation and dramatic beauty that surrounds you.

Sun beaming down on the beautiful Italian backcountry
carving new powder off-piste

British Columbia – Epic Night Skiing

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: Chalet Bighorn, Revelstoke

Experience the best of British Columbia’s rolling ridges and vast alpine bowls, before connecting with the snow and challenging your senses under the cover of darkness for a truly unique night skiing experience.

Hop onboard the snow-cat as you speed into the pristine wilds of the mountains to unearth fresh powder. Led by a world-class mountain guide, you’ll ski around the stunning Mount Mackenzie and surrounding peaks, whilst carving fresh tracks into the unspoiled snow. In a ski-suit studded with LEDs and a series of powerful spotlights to illuminate the mountainside, head up the mountain for an adrenaline fuelled experience of night skiing. With access to some of the best powder on earth, this is a completely novel and intimate experience, like no other.

Night skiing through Alaskan Wilderness, British Columbia
Skinning up the mountain in LED studded ski suits for night skiing British Columbia

Kamchatka – Explosive Volcano Skiing

When to go: March – May

Where to stay: Private lodge

One of the most dramatic and unique skiing destinations on earth, the Kamchatka Peninsula is characterised by untouched slopes, fuming volcanos and awe-inspiring scenery. Glide and bask in the grandeur of the surrounding peaks, whilst descending the mountain to meet the sea where your Mi-8 Heli awaits, to transport you to your next virgin slope. You will spend your days on fresh snow-capped mountains, carving perfect tracks in complete seclusion. Each day you will be dropped off in a novel location, spoilt for choice, as you descend volcanos and rugged mountains in an other-worldly experience.

Heli skiing in Kamchatka, Russia
a group standing next to a fuming volcano

Baffin Island, Canada – Polar Skiing

When to go: May – August

Where to stay: Baffin Island Basecamp

Baffin Island boasts spectacular landscapes characterised by dramatic mountain peaks, polar ice fields and remote fjords. Located at 70° North, this is one of the world’s northernmost ski experience, where adrenaline and adventure are combined with the intrigue of learning about ancient Inuit culture – a fascinating experience. Stay at the exclusive Baffin Island Basecamp, a haven of luxury amongst the pristine wilderness. One of the few places on the planet that gives you the opportunity to ski areas that few humans have ever been.  Follow your expert guides with confidence, forging new tracks in powder fresh snow whist on the look out for polar bears.

fresh tracks in the powder
Ski with a view of the Fjords

Northern Iceland – Unrivalled Heli-Skiing

When to go: February – June

Where to stay: Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula

With exclusive use of Deplar Farm, you will have unrivalled access to the best heli-skiing in the Tröllaskagi Peninsula. Where the mountains meet the coast, skiing with views across the deep blue of the North Atlantic Ocean is a mesmerising experience, beginning at the summit and ending at the sea. With endless terrain to explore, discover sweeping valleys, striking fjords and glacial rivers, far from civilisation. Ranging from soft valleys to vertical descents, Iceland offers skiing for all abilities as well as a choice of heli, cat and backcountry. After an adrenaline fuelled day, evenings will be spent relaxing in Deplar’s naturally heated geothermic pools, before a delectable dinner with wine perfectly paired from the cellar.

Heli back at the end of a days skiing
Ski from the top of peaks with views over the ocean

Denali, Alaska – Backcountry skiing

When to go: February – April

Where to stay: Sheldon Chalet, Denali

Perched on a nunatak in the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre of Denali’s magnificent Ruth Glacier, Sheldon Chalet is the perfect base for the ultimate backcountry skiing excursion. With fresh powder coating the glacier, set out with expert guides to create tracks amongst these pristine surfaces, surrounded by Alaska’s rugged wilderness. By evening, relax around the log fire whilst the sky changes colour with the spectacular glow of the Northern Lights.

Alaska's Sheldon Chalet under a star scattered sky at night
Skinning through the backcountry in Alaska

Lyngen Alps, Norway – Ski above the Fjords

When to go: March to April

Where to stay: Expedition Yacht KINFISH, Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway are regaled to be one of the best off-piste skiing destinations in the world. Pristine slopes of fresh powder merged with icy waters of the North Sea to create complete serenity. With a ban on heli-skiing, these mountains provide a truly tranquil and intimate skiing experience, best accessed by yacht. On board KINFISH you will be to cruise to the more wild and remote regions to experience serene slopes each day, whilst keeping your eyes out for whales and Northern Lights as you sail. With no sign of civilisation, snow-capped mountains and pristine scenery will blow you away as you descend from the summit to the fjord shore.

kinfish yacht svalbard
Skiing above the Fjords in Norway

Colorado – Cat Skiing

When to go: February – March

Where to stay: Scarp Ridge Lodge, Colorado

Situated in Colorado’s West Elk mountain range, Irwin boasts a greater concentration of fresh powder than almost anywhere else on Earth. With high altitude and cold temperatures, the resulting fluffy powder is a dream to glide through. From the comfort of Scrap Ridge Lodge, embark upon an epic cat-skiing experience that will bring you access to the most untouched spaces, allowing you to tackle challenging off-piste, carving fresh tracks at every turn. For an iconic adventure, the snowcat will drop you at the foot of Scarp Ridge situated at 3,600 metres. From here you will skin up 300 metres to reach the summit of Mount Emmons where you will gain awe-inspiring views across the Elk Mountains, before gliding back down through the pristine powder.

Shredding off-piste in Colorado
Beautiful mountainous landscape above the clouds

Kashmir, India – Culture & Epic Decents

When to go: January – March

Where to stay: Houseboat

Nestled in the Western Himalayas, the beauty of Kashmir is overwhelming, earning it the title of “paradise on Earth” amongst Indians. You will spend your days jumping in and out of helicopters onto untouched powder in striking landscapes, witnessed by few. With endless drop off points, you will get an unrivalled skiing experience, being the first to mark new tracks each day. After a day of adrenaline-filled adventure, spend time with playful wild monkeys and relish the chance to spot the elusive snow leopard, before unwinding in style with a sumptuous dinner. For your final night, stay on an opulent traditional houseboat on the stunning Dal Lake, soaking up the rich culture and beauty of Srinagar.

Contact our Travel Designers to find out more about this unique experience and start planning your bespoke adventure to Kashmir, India. 

Forrest lined snow-capped mountains
Snow-capped Himalayan mountains from above the clouds

Niseko, Japan – Sake & Champagne Powder

When to go: January – February

Where to stay: Zaborin hotel

Experience world-class skiing in Niseko on the northern-most island Hokkaido, where fresh snow falls daily carpeting the unspoilt wilderness in a dazzling white blanket. Famous for its deep powder and tree-lined slopes, Japan offers some of the most enjoyable and fun skiing in the world, whilst providing the opportunity to learn about their fascinating culture and sample unique cuisine. 

Hiking the Japanese backcountry to find the best powder
Shredding deep powder

Andes, Chile – Ski & Surf

When to go: June – October

Where to stay: Private lodge

Fly above the soaring Andes mountains, land upon untouched peaks and carve fresh tracks into the pristine snow. In this exclusive experience, your expert Pelorus guide will ensure access to some of Chile’s best skiing experiences, surrounded by pure wilderness and sensational vistas. From the mountains to the coast, trade skiing for surfing as you fly by heli to Pichilemu on Chile’s Pacific Coast. A world-class surfing spot with unfailing surf breaks, uncrowded beaches and a strong swell, this is the perfect spot to surf, kiteboard and windsurf.

Contact our Travel Designers to find out more about this unique experience and start planning your bespoke adventure to Andes, Chile. 

Pichilemu on Chile’s Pacific Coast
Powder skiing in Chile

British Columbia – Backcountry Skiing

When to go: December – April

Where to stay: Bison Lodge, Revelstoke

Break away from the borders of controlled pistes to carve your way down untouched slopes. High octane, adrenaline fuelled adventure awaits you in a cat or heli-skiing experience, as you are the first to venture down vast swathes of pristine powder in complete isolation.

Ride in a snowcat above the tree line before descending across wide open alpine areas.  Here, the varied terrain means that each line picked offers a fresh challenge and will see you carving long, swooping arcs before bouncing between lower trees.

Soaring over jagged peaks and rugged mountain sides in a private helicopter is also a spectacular means by which to experience the most remote skiing locations that British Columbia has to offer. Pick your spot and prepare to drop a new line that stretches way down into the valley below.

Contact our Travel Designers to find out more about this unique experience and start planning your bespoke adventure to British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia backcountry skiing
Touring across British Columbia's beautiful backcountry