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Picturesque alpine lake in the USA with mountains reflection


USA Wilderness Vacations

Take the Route Less Travelled. Venture into the untamed, the compelling, the wilderness. Forest-fringed emerald lakes, undulating ranchlands, snow-capped mountains, vast red sand deserts. You name it, the USA thrives in it.

The USA offers awe and adventure in equal measure, and we are here to allow you to experience the best of it in true Pelorus style. If you, like us, have an appetite for adventure, then a trip through the wilderness looks a bit like a bucket list slideshow. Designed by an expert team with a British military background, both our knowledge of the areas and individual expertise blend to deliver a truly personal and epic vacation.

Not all adventures require long-haul flights and long trips, often the most beautiful and unique places are on your doorstep. For those living in the US, there are so many wonders to be explored and experiences to be had, so close to home. Delivering on an unchallenged array of wilderness, within a few hours you can be in a totally different environment. That is the beauty of the USA.

For Everyone

A melting pot of natural wonders and diverse climates, it’s no surprise the great American wilderness plays host to an array of experiences. It is ideal for a family adventure, for parents introducing their children to a wider world with the help from expert guides who can capture the interest of youngsters and bring learning to life, the ultimate adventure honeymoon for some romantic escapism, and a playground for naturalists seeking wild encounters with endangered species. 

Waste no time in covering huge distances through some of the most scenic territory, be it by helicopter or by connecting with the wind and water of Alaska’s coastline onboard a luxury yacht. Or perhaps the slower pace and opportunity to truly tune in with nature through the unpaved wilds by horseback, hiking or above in a hot air balloon appeals more. Either way, with Pelorus you will discover the wilderness from new heights and different perspectives.


Your Travels Enriched

The chance to disconnect and open your eyes to the natural world has never been so appealing, enriching our travels with meaningful adventure into the wild and untamed expanses of our globe.

The USA is a fabulous example of what our planet can achieve when left to its own devices. Home to some of the last remaining areas of true wilderness on Earth shaped by unyielding elements, where better to experience the natural world than here? As anthropogenic factors threaten our fragile ecosystems, these wild expanses are becoming evermore special.


Below we have handpicked some of our favourite luxury lodges and wilderness adventures, just a flavour of the personal experience we can tailor for your next vacation. 


Discover the remote coastlines of the US by luxury yacht or explorer vessel, the ideal private base for your adventures. Follow the link to read more about one Alaskan experience or contact our Yacht Expeditions team to talk about other options.


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