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Yacht Experiences


Get off the beaten track in this faraway chain of 80 islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean, where the preservation of cultures, environments, and endangered species plays a vital role. With very few developments and a minute population, exploration by yacht offers comfort and luxury in this undiscovered archipelago.

When to go:
May – October

Arrive in Tanna and get settled aboard your yacht. Begin your trip with a hike along the crater edge of the active volcano, Mount Yasur, where you will have the opportunity to explore never-seen-before highland villages. Explore the jungle on horseback, observing the wildlife on the plains as your ride, before stopping off to visit the local coffee plantations with your guide. Head back towards the coast after cooling off at Louniel Waterfall and bathing in hidden hot springs. Back on board, grab your snorkel and head out to Katiua Rocks for a chance to spot tuna, sharks, and barracuda.

Cruise to Erromango where you will discover the ancestral burial caves that once provided refuge from warfare and cyclones to the indigenous tribes. Marvel at the ancient rock paintings on the cave walls depicting clan motifs and traditional stories. Later, hike from Dillon’s Bay through the Kauri reserve to see the renowned Giant Kauri trees.

Sharks, Rays, Turtles & Dugongs  

Arise the next morning anchored off Moso Island. Accompanied by your Pelorus dive master. Head out to dive the Moso Drift where you will come face to face with grey whaler sharks and eagle rays. Alternatively, you can snorkel the crystal-clear waters that are frequented regularly by dolphins. After lunch, visit the local turtle sanctuary to see the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle. With over 200 juvenile turtles, you can help with tagging and monitoring baby turtles before they are released into the wild.

Anchor by the island of Epi and spend the morning diving in Namuka, where you will be able to explore Nikaura’s marine protected area, rich in biodiversity. Kayak over to the smaller Lamen island and snorkel around its coral reefs in search of dugongs in their natural sea grass habitats. Spend the rest of the day trekking deep into the forest through mountainous and rugged terrain to meet the Big Namba and Small Namba tribes. This rare opportunity will see you interact with the tribe members and learn about their traditional ceremonies and customary dances.

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Local Traditions

After breakfast on board, head ashore to meet the people who perform the world-famous Nagol, or land diving. Visit their villages and listen to their stories that depict this incredible ritual. If you visit from April to June, you can witness this brave feat for yourself. Continue hiking through the jungle for the chance to cool off in several waterfalls and swimming holes, or head back to shore and spot turtles as you snorkel along the coastline.

Anchor off Espiritu Santo where you will have the opportunity to deep dive to several WWII shipwrecks. Diving the SS President Coolidge, you will swim through numerous holds and decks, witnessing eerily submerged guns, cannons, and jeeps. If you are feeling adventurous – trek inland through Nambel Village, canyoning across caves and rivers to reach the Millennium Cave Waterfalls and Hidden World Waterfall. Here, you can enjoy truly world-class diving as you explore caves, tunnels, and stunning reef walls.


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