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What to Pack: Cameras

We kick off our ‘What to Pack’ series with the ultimate cameras to capture your travels and adventures.

Words By Pelorus

Canon 5D Mark IV – £3250

A true beast of a camera, the Mark IV is the ultimate all-rounder. It features advanced focusing and metering, and the new 30.4MP sensor offers extraordinary clarity, even in poor light. Further to the image quality, it also shoots in 4K – great for the filmmakers among you. Diverse, durable, and incredibly capable, the Canon 5D Mark IV is the camera of choice for a recent photographer in our Behind the Lens series, Finn Beales (images below).


Sony a7RIII – £3200

This is the camera used by the celebrated travel and adventure photographer Chris Burkard, as it provides “unparalleled reproduction for large prints”. It has a 42.4MP 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor and enhances light collection efficiency while minimising image noise to reveal fine details in every picture. It operates well in temperatures ranging from 0 – 40 degrees C, and is incredibly adept in all areas of professional photography, from intimate portraits to fast sports to wide vistas.


Mountain top photography in Thailand Photographers taking pictures of locals
Photographer in Arctic conditions A photographer stood by the frozen sea at sunset

Leica M10 – £5850

Leica has long had a reputation for producing the best-looking cameras money can buy. It’s hard to disagree. What’s more impressive is that they’ve achieved this while representing the pinnacle of innovation. The M10 is the slimmest digital M of all time, packing the power of a DSLR into a compact body. It has an ISO range of 100 – 50,000, can shoot five frames per second, and features a 24MP, full-frame CMOS sensor developed especially for the camera. It is also built to be more durable to rain, dust and bad weather – this camera is designed to travel.


Fuji X100T – £999

The third generation of the X100 Series, equipped with the world’s first electronic rangefinder, the X100T is a fantastic everyday camera. It is simple to use, small enough to fit into your coat pocket, and the wireless feature allows images to be transferred to your phone in an instant. Simple, practical functionality combined with a 16MP sensor and 35mm f/2 lens – this is a great camera for a photographer who spends much of their time on the move.


DJI Mavic Air – £769

Just an awesome piece of kit. DJI continues to transform the way in which we capture travel and adventure. The Mavic Air was designed to be ultraportable, no longer taking valuable space in backpacks or adding unwanted weight. It shoots video at an incredible 4K 30 fps and has a flight time of 21 minutes. Then there’s the ActiveTrack function, where it can sense up to 16 selectable subjects simultaneously. Better still, it’s so simple to use you could teach your granny.


GoPro Hero 6 – £399

A huge element to travel and adventure is remembering the journey you took to get there and ups and downs that come with every trip. A GoPro is built for this; for the times when a DSLR is too bulky to carry or too fragile to take with you. As the old adage goes – ‘the best camera is the one that’s on you’ – such is the size and ease of the Hero 6, there’s no excuse to not have it with you. It has opened up the world to viewing adventures that, until now, could only be read about. No camera bag is complete without one.



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