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Exterior shot of Silentworld yacht


Winter Charter Inspiration

Working exclusively with a network of industry leaders, we have put together some creative and exciting experiences for yacht charter this winter season. With flexible itineraries, unbounded exploration, and cultural immersion, winter on board a luxury yacht has never looked so colourful.


The islands off the coast of Thailand and Myanmar offer a taste of this paradise with verdant tropical rainforests and staggering wildlife. Chartering a yacht in this idyllic location across the winter season will allow you to witness one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Sail to the stunning Surin Islands, home of the ancient sea-faring Moken people. With your Moken guide, learn the art of spearfishing with targets and free dive techniques or hike through the jungle in pursuit of supplies for the village.

Continue your journey to the Mergui Archipelago where another adventure begins. Dividing into teams, you will be cast away on a remote island with little more than your comrades and an expert survival guide. Hike across the island, forage for food, and build a raft to float you back to the yacht; the winning team will be the first to return!


A January charter in Colombia will introduce you to the myriad vibrant and adventurous experiences this country has to offer. Explore the stunning San Bernado Islands, fringed by powder-white sand and azure waters. Under the guidance of world-class instructors, learn the art of kitesurfing for an adrenaline-fuelled way to experience this idyllic location.

By helicopter, visit the indigenous Tungueka community where the Kogui families live. Cook a traditional meal with the local people before sitting down to dine altogether to learn about the traditions and belief systems that structure community life.

Alongside a biologist, learn about the on-going conservation projects in place to protect the endangered cotton-top tamarin monkey. Here, you will encounter this rare species in its natural habitat and aid reforestation efforts for a truly immersive wildlife experience.


The rugged topography of these southern Caribbean islands renders them an ideal location for fascinating and exciting experiences, while their pristine beaches invite rest and relaxation.

Plunge into turquoise waterfalls and abseil down slippery streams canyoneering in Martinique, an immersive experience that boasts spectacular views and adrenaline-fuelled adventure.

Helihike La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent, soaring over the lava domes that form at the summit, before landing to embark on a trek through the clouds.

Take off-roading vehicles around Mount Peleé for an exhilarating experience that sees you venturing off the beaten track and traversing across dense jungle to explore remote terrain.