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King Penguins on the beach amidst stormy weather, Falklands

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Wonderful Wildlife in the Falklands

Brimming with birdlife, including five different species of penguin, the Falkland Islands are one of the best-kept wildlife secrets in the world. The vast emptiness of this barren landscape is deceptive and exploring here by yacht allows you to discover the secrets of this abundant and vibrant collection of islands.

When to go:
October – February


As the capital of the Falkland Islands, it is only right to begin your yacht adventure in Stanley. You will be greeted by your guide who will escort you through the quaint streets of this colourful town. Discover the waterfront where stands a whalebone arch, constructed in 1933 from the enormous jawbones of two blue whales. Visit the battlefield sites of 1982 where you will uncover some of the rich history this town has to offer. You will then transfer to your yacht where you will meet your crew and enjoy a delicious lunch before hopping in a tender to Volunteer Point.

Discover the sprawling colony of king penguins that inhabit this sandy peninsula. A cacophony of sounds will greet you as they appear like a comical mirage out of their surroundings. With their rotund stomachs propped on the ground, the chicks look like fuzzy, overripe pears. As you take in these noisy penguins keep your eyes peeled for Falkland thrush, blackish and Magellanic oystercatchers, ground tyrants and pipits. These 778 islands are almost unrivalled when it comes to their abundance and variety of bird life.

Bull Point & Bleaker Island

Enjoy breakfast on board in a bay off Bull Point, the southern-most tip of East Falkland, listening to the calls of the surrounding wildlife. This isolated area can only be reached by an off-road journey or by private vessel. This section of the Falkland Islands is demarcated as an Important Bird Area; a global standard set by Birdlife International due to the astonishing number of birds that populate the area, including Gentoo and Magellanic penguins. If you are feeling brave, this is the perfect opportunity to kayak over the vast depths where whales, elephant seals, and inquisitive sea lions compete for space.

Indulge in a revitalising lunch back on board your yacht whilst effortlessly cruising to Bleaker Island, yet another Important Bird Area. Here you may spot Rockhopper penguins, crested and striated caracaras, Imperial cormorants, Falklands skuas, ruddy-headed geese, grass wrens and tussac birds. You may also catch a glimpse of the rare flying steamer duck, found on inland ponds. Bleaker Island affords the opportunity to spot an array of dolphins and whales from the comfort of your yacht. Spot Peale’s Dolphins darting along kelp beds, Commerson’s Dolphins swimming in the shallows as well as Sei, Southern Right and Fin Whales.

Sea Lion, George & Barren Islands

Located in the southeast of the archipelago, Sea Lion Island is aptly named for the huge population of sea lions that occupy this wild island. As the most important wildlife habitat in the Falklands, the native Tussac grass provides the perfect sheltered habitat for a range of wildlife. The terrain is mainly low lying but spectacular cliffs drop off into the ocean at the southern end, providing a beautiful view of the island’s edge as you approach by yacht. Sea Lion Island is another Important Bird Area and you are sure to be astounded by the density and diversity of wildlife on this small island.

Back on board your yacht, cruise to the George & Barren Islands. This land which divides East and West Falkland is home to pristine sandy coves and picturesque ponds. These stunning islands house Magellanic penguins, southern giant petrels, sooty shearwaters, elephant seals, Gentoo penguins, southern giant petrels, and Cobb’s wren. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in dense and diverse wildlife that rivals that of the Galapagos. 

Mount Adam

Having cruised through the night, wake up to the soaring silhouette of Mount Adam on West Falkland, an island comprised of idyllic inlets perfect for exploring. Discover Port Howard with an expert guide who will introduce you to the fascinating history of the Islands. Head to a working farm on the edge of Bold Cove and learn about the 1982 Falkland war before visiting a small museum dedicated to the conflict. Your Pelorus guide will help you explore minefields and the remains of aircraft that are scattered across the area.

Enjoy an afternoon trout fishing on the pastoral Warrah river. Accompanied by an expert local ghillie, you will be shown hidden spots dense with fish. From here you will re-join your luxury yacht to unwind and enjoy a beautifully fresh meal whilst watching the sun dip below the horizon.

4x4 driving in the Falkland Islands Elephant Seals piled on top one another relaxing
Albatross soaring by the cliffs in the Falklands Close up of a single penguin huddling for warmth

Pebble Island

One of the Falkland’s most biodiverse islands, Pebble Island boasts up to 42 resident bird species, including rare and elusive species. Head out on a paddleboard keeping a careful eye out for Chiloë wigeon, Silvery grebes, Black-necked swans and a multitude of other wildfowl and wading birds. Wander through the luscious hills and peaceful dunes before reaching a pristine strip of beach where you’ll enjoy a wild picnic accompanied by the calls of sea lion. Traverse the island in 4x4s to visit the site of the first land-based action of the Falklands War. Discover the scattered memorials that give the day a fascinating yet poignant ending. 

Carcass Island

Arguably the most picturesque island in the archipelago, wildlife flourishes on Carcass Island thanks to strict enforcement of guidelines that ensure distance and respect for nesting birds and penguin colonies. Boasting expansive areas of mature Tussac plantations, this makes the Island a perfect choice for observing rare and endemic species, such as the Cobb’s wren. The locals’ gardens have an almost beautifully tropical allure with their Monterey cypress trees, New Zealand cabbage palms and flax, as well as a vibrant array of flowers that are home to many other small birds such as Black-chinned siskins and Falkland thrush.

After a restorative lunch on board, take a step away from peacefully admiring the wildlife. Head to the sheltered dunes to the south of the island that provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy some high-octane, heart-pumping activities. Make use of the brilliant array of toys on board and kitesurf alongside Gentoo penguins or snorkel with huge elephant seals. These thrilling close encounters are the perfect way to finish your Falklands experience. 


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