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Angola Heli Landing Conservation Hero


World First Conservation in Angola

Angola is a picturesque Southern African nation that boasts diverse topography, extending from labyrinthine river systems to boundless Sub-Saharan desert. With exclusive access to this remote country, you will be the first to partake in highly important conservation efforts which will see you assisting in the targeting, darting and collaring of Angolan elephants in a country that very few understand.

When to go
March-June, Sept-Dec
From price
$29,000 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights

Pelorus are proud to be working with leading conservationists in Angola to protect the remaining elephants against poaching, an essential step in rebuilding the population. With the elephant’s movements closely monitored in this project, rangers will be able to identify and respond to threats in real-time, working to protect these majestic creatures. Pelorus invites you to join this world-first project, in this cutting-edge and exclusive research.

Take to the skies in your helicopter alongside expert vets and conservation leaders, flying over the remote plains to locate your elephants. Your guides will teach you each step of the way as you learn to locate, target and dart the elephants using the safest and most humane method. Once your elephant has been darted, land close by to assist with the collaring process. Securing the collar to the elephant, you will retreat to a safe distance to observe the resuscitation process.

Over the days, your involvement in this process will gradually increase and by the end of your trip, you will be able to use your new skills to help lead the expedition, with the responsibility of identifying and targeting your elephant and then directing the vet as they dart them. Finally, you will take the reins on your collaring mission for a truly rewarding end to this exclusive experience.

During your time in Angola, there is a remarkable amount of wildlife, landscape and history to explore. Set out on foot and in 4x4s to search for the remaining remarkable species including antelope, buffalo, hyena, giraffes and cheetahs, to name but a few. Explore an ancient tank graveyard with an expert historian, who will delve into the complex history surrounding the Angolan Civil War. Learn how these abandoned vessels of war stand as a testament to the history of this barely explored region.

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Angola Local Landscape Africa Angola Safari Buffalo Africa

Discover the astounding source lakes of the Cuanavale River, which feeds into the Okavango delta, keeping alive one of the planet’s last great wetlands. The source lakes are surrounded by thick layers of peat that have accumulated over thousands of years, and remarkably, due to the remoteness of this location, remain untouched with very few people having set foot in this area. Snorkel in these clear waters and explore the unknown biodiversity that are new to the human eye. Immerse yourself in the Angolan wilderness as you spend the night fly-camping besides the source lakes in this private Pelorus experience.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults and 2 children travelling for 5 nights excluding international flights.