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Yacht Experiences


Explore volcanic islands, crocodile-infested mangroves, blue lagoons, tropical islets, and emerald waters scattered with WWII relics. The Solomon Islands are rich in culture and renowned for their relaxed and calm way of life. An expedition by yacht allows you to combine time spent ashore with visits to the smaller islands as well as world-class diving locations. 

When to go:
May – September, November – January

Land in Honiara where you will be escorted to your yacht. Take in the sights of east Honiara, including the relics, monuments, and memorials of its traumatic WWII history. Hike further inland to reach the Tenaru Waterfalls where you will face a dramatic volume of cascading water falling from 63 metres above you. You can also take advantage of the spectacular diving around this island, particularly at Ironbottom Sound, a passage between The Florida Islands and Guadalcanal. Here, you will uncover dozens of ships and planes that sank in these waters during the Battle of Guadalcanal including a 106m-long US Navy destroyer and a 150m-long oil tanker.

Another day in this remote paradise will see you anchor near Tulagi on the southern side of The Florida Islands. Here, you will find a variety of exciting dive sites including the famous Twin Tunnels; two tunnels formed by lava that drop vertically from 12 metres to 35 metres ending in a cave. As you descend you will be able to see fan and whip coral, and on reaching the cave you will see schools of fusiliers and snapper, cuttlefish and octopus. Alternatively, you can continue your WWII wreck discovery and dive a Japanese seaplane that lies 30 metres below sea level, as well as the Kenowa and Moa shipwrecks.

Spectacular Dive Sites

Cruise north through the Mboli Passage, a stretch of sea that offers unparalleled views across the islands. Drop the anchor in Maravaghi for an afternoon of surfing where you may encounter the occasional manta ray. Later, head over to the villages of Roderick Bay and Olevuga and soak up the infectious smiles and happy culture of the Solomon Island locals.

Russell Island is another excellent dive location, with crevasses and caves carved deep into the side of this jungle-dense island. Your yacht will anchor near Karomulun Point which is close to several spectacular dive sites. These include the iconic sun dappled reef canyon known as Leru Cut and the Blue Wall, which has shelves covered in a unique display of nudibranchs. Here, you can also dive the Mirror Pond, an incredible reef with a sheer wall that reflects the jungle overhead.

Cruise to Kavachi, one of the most active submerged volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, and a hotspot for reef sharks. Enjoy a spot of snorkelling here before making your way to the Varea River where you will head out in canoes with your guide to spot saltwater crocodiles.

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Cultural Immersion & Conservation

Your Solomon Island yacht expedition will now take you to Marova, a world heritage site and the world’s largest saltwater lagoon, making it an exceptional area to dive. Your first stop will be Mbulo, a gentle sloping wall that leads into volcanic lava tubes that you can dive through. Later, canoe from your yacht to shore to meet the Peava village locals, a community well known for their intricate carvings. Here you will learn about their carving techniques and their conservation efforts to protect the native flora and fauna.

Finally, cruise to Tetepare, the largest uninhabited island of the Solomon Islands. Tetepare is virtually unexplored with some sites only recently discovered. Aid in conservation projects here by working with rangers on turtle tagging, whilst also searching for dugongs and crocodiles. Here, you will also have the opportunity to hike through the luscious rainforest and to try your hand at preparing a traditional Melanesian feast on hot rocks for an authentic Solomon Island dining experience.


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