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Komodo Dragon Yacht Charter Indonesia

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Yacht Expedition in Sumba and Komodo National Park

Nusa Tenggara Timur is a province made up of more than 500 unique islands. This region boasts high biodiversity, smoking volcanoes, and rich underwater landscapes. Encounter dragons at Komodo National Park, picturesque villages and deserted surf breaks. 

When to go:
March – October


Arrive at Kupang and make your way to your waiting vessel and get acquainted with your crew and your yacht.

Discover Rote, a haven for the avid surfer. This slender island boasts palm-fringed, white sand beaches, natural limestone bridges, and rolling, grass-covered hills. Depending on swell and wind you can have your pick of eight pristine breaks to suit every level of surf ability from absolute beginner to seasoned surfer.

The weather will be your guide for how long you spend in Rote or one of its surrounding islands. Rote also boasts a wealth of other activities including exploring dense mangroves on kayaks and diving beneath the surface to swim alongside majestic manta rays. 

Head inland and meet local farmers who cultivate swaying palm trees and learn about the challenges of living on this far-flung island. Explore traditional villages brimming with unique culture, laze on palm-fringed beaches, and learn about the region’s history from expert local guides. Discover an intriguing blend of Christian and Animist traditions, where ritual dances are performed in the hopes of bringing rain and even to celebrate weddings and commemorate burials. Enjoy a castaway dinner on a deserted island beach. Lit by flickering candles, indulge in local delicacies under the cover of a gently swaying canopy.


Cruise to two of the remotest islands in the whole of the Indonesian archipelago. Here the Indian Ocean is at its rawest and most powerful. Below a picturesque lighthouse, head out with an expert Pelorus instructor who will ensure your safety as well as helping you catch some of the best breaks of your life. 

Join fishermen on their traditional colourful fishing boats and explore the turquoise waters with them. As they know all the best spots, you can reel in some phenomenal catches in the company of these fishermen. Without phone signal, embrace off-grid living in the company of these warm and welcoming people. Bring your catch back to shore where your chef will be ready and waiting with a barbecue to prepare whatever you bring to him. 

Cruise overnight and wake up to one of Sumba’s longest and finest breaks. Surf or make use of your vessel’s toybox and take to the water on wakeboards, kayaks, or paddleboards as you explore the glistening ocean of the archipelago at your own pace. Kayak to a traditional Sumba house. See the authentic culture and traditions of Sumba as you visit stone graves and head out on a hike to explore the rugged cliffs of the island. Make your way inland on a trek to a wild and secluded waterfall. Cool off with a dip in the waterfall pool and enjoy a wild picnic lunch on its banks. Refreshed and restored, make your way to a district of the island where local people still live in traditional bamboo houses. 

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Explore a remote southern corner of Komodo National Park, very few boats ever visit here so you will likely have the area to yourself. This is the perfect place to indulge in adrenaline-inducing watersports. Currents keep the water here nutrient-rich and healthy, providing some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world. After a day of exploring, gather on the deserted beach and enjoy sundowners and a barbecue on the sand as the sun sets the water ablaze around you.

Discover the home of the enormous Komodo dragon. As well as the eponymous dragons find notable species of birds such as the orange-footed scrub fowl and mammals ranging from Timor deer to endemic rats. Explore Padar Island’s pristine waters. Trek inland and discover a hidden spot with views over the island in every direction witnessing three coloured sand beaches – bright white, coral pink, and volcanic black. Enjoy sundowners in this spectacular viewpoint before hiking back down to your yacht.

Wake up and explore a secluded bay that houses manta rays, colourful coral, and an incredible array of dolphins. Dive some of Komodo’s most iconic and exhilarating sites where you can see an abundance of healthy marine life including reef sharks, eagle rays, whalesharks, and huge shoals of fusiliers. Enjoy a beach set up on one of the famous soft pink sand beaches for a serene day of secluded relaxation. 

Embark on a challenging hike into the depths of the island. As the trail begins to climb, find yourself rising above the rest of the island with spectacular views in every direction. See the reef rising up in the turquoise water and witness the island change colour as the sun descends below the horizon. Celebrate your final night in Komodo with a barefoot candlelit dinner on a deserted island.

Take in final views over these stunning islands as you cruise back to Labuan Bajo where you will begin your journey home.


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