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The Yacht Expeditions we design at PELORUS are ambitious and hugely innovative. Every itinerary is built from scratch, and every possible resource is explored to unlock exclusive and unique opportunities for our clients. This is how we go about designing each experience:

STAGE 1: The first step is to meet the client to discuss their preferences. This enables us to gain a deep understanding of exactly what it is they are hoping to achieve from their experience.

STAGE 2: Project Managers perform extensive research on the client’s brief, working with our network of international contacts to uncover the most exclusive opportunities.

STAGE 3: PELORUS presents several experience options to the client, with varying levels of luxury, modes of transport and exclusivity.

STAGE 4: Further development, fine tuning and thorough risk assessment is undertaken within the chosen experience to ensure total individuality and attention to detail.

STAGE 5: Once the client has approved the itinerary in a pre-trip meeting, our team will make any necessary minor tweaks and prepare for their departure.

STAGE 6: Post-trip media production, such as photography books, feature films and short show-reels, that capture the highlights from the client’s experience.

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