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Action and Adventure in Antarctica

This yacht expedition is brimming with action and adventure and will take you below icy waters, camping on uncharted territory and soaring over glittering glaciers by helicopter.

When to go: December – February

- Explore the wreck of an ancient whaling ship that sunk below the ice in 1916. A fascinating yet eerie sight, witness the wreck from your yacht's tender and, if experienced, dive below the water yourself. Discover the cold-water coral and the resident Antarctic Terns which flock across the ice.

- Pack supplies and set off with your kayak guide to paddle through channels that your vessel cannot reach. Our PELORUS Antarctic Kayak guide has over 30 years of experience in these waters and is on hand for the entire trip, meaning that you will be able to get to areas that very few visitors even know exist, whilst maintaining your safety at all times.

- Stay ashore for a night on an unknown island where you will set up your own camp under the leadership of your expert PELORUS guide. In the evening, gather around the camp-fire and learn about Shackleton and the myriad other explorers who have, like you, camped and slept upon the ice of the Southern Continent.

- Journey to another incredible bay, home to Minke Whales and Weddell Seals and a glacier of astonishing proportions. Depending on the time of year and if conditions are suitable you will trek onto the glacier and rope climb down into a crevasse for a true taste of high-octane Antarctic adventure.

- As evening falls, take to the skies in a helicopter and fly to the top of a glacier where you can watch the sunset over the frozen horizon as you sip on a cocktail.

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