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Adrenaline in Greenland

For those wanting to go where few have been, Greenland is the place. A stunning land of Arctic pack ice, intense wildlife activity and intriguing Inuits, this is as close to 21st-century exploration as is possible. The landscape is unnervingly huge, unscathed by mankind – the forces of nature still rule the roost here. Several vessels operate in the area, providing a truly unique insight into this captivating and wild environment.

Knowledge of safe passages and being able to negotiate the pack ice is vital – PELORUS ensures these elements are thoroughly considered prior to all departures.

- On a Pelorus yacht expedition in Greenland, you will explore dramatic valleys, intricate fjord systems and picturesque villages made up of colourfully painted houses.

- Take to the skies in a heli to access previously inaccessibly peaks. Be the first to carve tracks through remote, pristine powder fields and experience the exhilaration of being the only people for miles.

- Race in dog sleds across the frozen landscape accompanied by an expert Pelorus guide.Enjoy lunch on the top of one of the oldest glaciers, before setting up a remote camp for the night to truly appreciate the immensity of the environment that surrounds you.

- Accompanied by an expert naturalist, kayak through the icy waters before diving in to swim with orcas and narwhales for an incredibly personal insight into the freezing yet fascinating marine world beneath your vessel. Learn about their behavioural patterns and their chosen habitats in this incredible encounter.

- On board, float through iceberg filled waters to reach the tundra and go in search of Musk Ox, Caribou and Arctic Foxes in 4x4’s lead by a Pelorus guide and afterwards relax and unwind in isolated hot springs.

Image of Eros courtesy of Tim Wright.


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