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Go with the flow into the Amazon Rainforest

Cruise up the largest river in the world into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, home to rarely-contacted indigenous tribes, an abundance of exotic wildlife and over 40,000 plant species.

When to go: November – June

- As you enter the Tapajós National Forest, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you will disembark from your superyacht into kayaks to explore the wild regions in all their serenity.

- Trek through verdant jungle to find the fabled Vovó; at 1100 years old it is believed to be the largest tree in the Amazon.

- Meet Tumbira villagers for a truly memorable experience. Learn how the community transitioned from illegal loggers into one that now preserves the forest; it’s an incredible lesson about what can be achieved through community effort.

- Meet a team of ex-Army officers, who will teach you survival skills for the forest such as identifying edible and poisonous foods, making a fire, building animal traps and spearfishing. You then have the option to camp in the wild, putting these new skills into practice.

- Tender or canoe with tribesmen to learn to fish for piranhas, watching for monkeys and various birds along the way.

- Spot the alligators along the shore as the evening turns into night. Later still, you’ll explore the flooded forest with a local naturalist while you listen to the cacophony of sounds that surround you in the Amazon Rainforest.

- Volunteer with conservationists and join them in protecting, feeding and monitoring the native pink dolphins before boarding a sea plane to fly over the jungle upon departure.


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