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Culture and colour in the Caribbean

From unexplored emerald landscapes and shimmering reefs, to hiking and the discovery of traditional tribal cultures, the Caribbean islands cater for both the adventure seeker and the paradise hunter.

When to go: December – April


- Spend time with one of the last tribes of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in their culture, learning their traditional dance and preparing a traditional, authentic Caribbean lunch with the tribe.

- Go deep sea fishing accompanied by expert fishermen; catch jacks, tuna and snapper as well as bigger game such as blue or white marlin.

- Take off-roading vehicles for an exhilarating experience through the dense jungle, canyoning, abseiling down streams and jumping into waterfalls.

- Go horse riding along white sandy beaches and ride through crystal clear water, a hugely enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.

- Catch the wind and learn to kiteboard. World class PELORUS instructors will soon have you up and catching air with the best.

- Challenge yourself both mentally and physically in a true castaway experience, stranded in the wilderness with little more than your team and an expert survival guide as you forage for food, build a fire from scratch and attempt to escape on your own handmade rafts.

- Experience multiple terrains over one day; going paragliding across stunning mountainous regions, before riding dune buggy’s across Mars-like flats before re-join the vessel in tranquil azure waters.

- If you time your trip correctly, take the tender out to cruise around humpback whales in their natural calving and mating grounds. Listen to the male humpback’s solitary courting song and witness displays of tail lobbing and breaching by the most active species of whale in the Atlantic.

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