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Isolation in The Kimberley

A vast expanse in the wild west of Australia, The Kimberley has fewer people per kilometre than almost anywhere else on the planet with swathes of coast that are so rugged and far from civilisation that a yacht is the only way to experience them.

When to go: April – October (April and May only to visit the waterfalls)


- Ride a tender out towards Talbot Bay, where you will reach one of the icons of The Kimberley, The Horizontal Falls. Experience the sheer power of this natural wonder as you ride through this cascading wall of water. For an alternative view of the falls, take to the skies in a private helicopter to appreciate their grandeur from above.

- Learn the art of barramundi fishing and the secrets behind catching this hard-fighting, high-jumping game. As the evening draws in, you catch from the day will be prepared in a delicious evening meal and served in a private set-up in a secluded location, far removed from civilisation.

- Prepare to scale some of the most iconic rock formations in the Kimberley. Lead by an expert Pelorus guide, brave the heights and climb to their summit to be rewarded with breath-taking views over neighbouring islands.

- With a personal archaeologist, visit ancient indigenous rock art and archaeological sites with exclusive access to areas that very few have seen before.

- Experience the wealth of diving at Australia’s largest inshore reef with 140 square miles of coral. Here you will encounter a plethora of marine life including dugongs, reef sharks, stingrays and turtles.

- Set off in the helicopter to explore Australia's own Jurassic Coast, home to thousands of dinosaur tracks and truly breath-taking landscapes. Land close to the Eagle falls amid stunning scenery and explore your incredible surroundings, complete with a luxury picnic lunch in a location of your choosing.

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