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Tribes and Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Venture into one of the most culturally diverse and unmapped countries in the world to engage with local tribes who retain a way of life long lost to the modern world.

We work with local anthropologists and conservationists to gain access and interact with native tribes who have seen very few tourists. All experiences and contact with these tribes is carefully considered to ensure minimal intrusion and impact to their traditions and day-to-day existence.

When to go: May – October

- Experience exceptional reef diving and explore the many submerged WWII wrecks with a local dive master.

- Climb an active volcano, which has stained the surrounding water different shades of yellows and oranges.

- Take part in the region’s leatherback turtle conservation efforts - this is a fantastic opportunity to hear the unique and powerful stories, songs, dances and rituals that connect people with the turtles.

- Take a helicopter to the Asaro Valley to meet the Asaro Mudmen. Here you’ll learn about the history of black magic from real witchdoctors and watch of the ceremonial “moka” system, where each group are constantly trying to outdo the other.

- Witness the mesmeric Bainings Fire Dance, a ritual unique to the Baining people living in the mountain forests of East New Britain Province. They dance over hot coals, dressed in traditional costumes and huge masks.

- Master how the local tribes fend for themselves by learning how to spearfish and forage for your supper on an uninhabited island, guided by a member of the Karawara.

Take a helicopter flight to a fringe highland region totally detached from the modern world. Here you’ll be dropped off to climb through jungle to see the smoked corpses of Aseki; smeared with red clay and in various stages of decomposition.

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