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Rugged Wilderness in Scotland

Scotland may be small in size, but it is incredibly rich in beauty and experiences. While many visitors explore its mountains and coastlines every year, few do so by yacht. Working with local captains who know these waters better than anyone else, PELORUS are able to design experiences that delve deep into Britain’s last frontier of true wilderness.

WHEN TO GO: April – October


Unearth incredible hidden beaches around the Hebrides where the water has a Caribbean tinge.

Moor in sheltered sea lochs to climb rugged mountains, keeping an eye out for deer and eagles along the way

Fly fish for wild Atlantic salmon in the many remote rivers that weave through desolate moorland to the sea.

Explore some of the oldest castles in the world with your personal PELORUS historian.


Wake up to stunning scenery, with views over the iconic picture-postcard town of Tobermory.

Sea kayak to hidden coves, enjoy a luxurious lunch in total seclusion, and hike into the hills.

Your yacht’s tender will transport you to the Isle of Staffa to explore Fingals Cave, where you can observe hexagonal rock columns formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions.



Arguably the most spectacular and dramatic of all the Scottish Islands.

Head out fishing with local guides and even try your hand at lobster potting.

Enjoy a private visit to the Talisker distillery to sample the country’s most famous produce.

Forage with wildlife specialists before building a fire and wild cooking with a Michelin starred chef.

Climb a Munro, a mountain over 3000ft; head out with guides to explore by mountain bike or hop into the tender to explore the abundance of remote islands and covers on Skye, where there is a plenty of wildlife.

In the evening, PELORUS will bring a master whisky distiller on board to talk you through the country’s most famous export at a specially designed tasting event featuring rare and exquisite drams.

Hike and explore WWII mica mines before enjoying lunch at a private bothy before sea kayaking back to the yacht.


Look out for minke whales and dolphins as you cruise.

You’ll have the memorable opportunity to get up close with the gannets that reside there.

PELORUS have negotiated special permissions to access the island by helicopter where you will explore with a specialist naturlist who specialises in its unique biosphere.



 Swim, jump and climb on some of the most rugged sea cliffs, caves and hidden passages on the island, pausing to snorkel in bays where the water is at its clearest.

You can expect to see cold-water corals, crustaceans, an array of fish and, hopefully, marine mammals such as seals and dolphins.



Help to set camera traps in osprey nesting areas; a valuable contribution to the ongoing research of these birds of prey.

Carry out productivity and population counts for fulmar, kittiwake, guillemot and razorbills.

Assist in efforts to save Scotland’s declining red squirrel population, providing vaccines and habitats.

Help to reinforce Scotland’s wild beaver population, relocating them to suitable habitats.

Carry out research into the benefits of letting decommissioned oil rigs remain as they currently stand, providing refuge and habitats for marine life.

Spot killer whales along the shore as they hunt for seals. Identify known individuals and new members of the resident pod.

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