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A Ski and Sail Adventure in Antarctica

Antarctica truly is the final frontier; on a ski and sail yacht expedition here you will speed down pristine slopes, admire untouched wilderness and marvel at the abundant fauna and marine life of the Southern Continent, all the while enjoying the unique connection to the elements that can only be found whilst sailing.


When to go: December – February

When you arrive in Ushuaia, you will spend a day on the glacier with your guides and expedition leaders, practising glacier skills and ensuring you work as a cohesive team in the mountains.

Once at ease with the Chilean landscape and conditions, you will board a private charter flight to King George Island where you will meet your superyacht and begin your incredible skiing and sailing adventure. When on a superyacht you have ample flexibility – a marked contrast from larger cruising expeditions.

 As you sail through iceberg dotted waters, keep a keen eye out for some of Antarctica’s incredible wildlife, including whales, seals and sea lions, to witness these majestic animals in their natural habitats.

Antarctica’s mountains offer endless options for ski touring, including the potential for first ascents and descents as you discover uncharted territory. The diverse terrain ranges from mellow slopes to dramatic steeps, while some heavily glaciated ascents may even require crampons and an ice axe!

 Through PELORUS’ network of industry leaders you will visit scientific research stations, penguin rookeries and sea lion colonies in between skiing, touring and climbing. Here you will learn about the nature of the White Desert and take part in fascinating citizen science and contribute to industry-leading research.

  Sailing in Antarctica offers true peace and tranquility and is a more economical and eco-friendly way to experience this region from the water. This is due to a lower reliance on motoring, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

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