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Discover the Polar Bears of Svalbard

The isolated archipelago of frozen tundra, northern lights and midnight sun; Svalbard’s imposing terrain, stark glaciers and incredible wildlife offer a diverse and unparalleled yachting expedition.

When to go: March – October


Photos: Jason Roberts / Visit Svalbard

- Experience the thrill of crossing vast open expanses by dog sled and snowmobiles and join internationally recognised experts to traverse the ice in search of Polar Bears, while taking part in the Norwegian Polar Institute’s project to register animals in the Arctic.

- Explore an abandoned Russian mining town, one of the finest of its kind, preserved in an eerily perfect state as some 3000 miners were told to move out overnight.

- Get up close and personal with Walrus Colonies, accompanied by naturalists you will take a part in monitoring these vulnerable animals.

- Kayak among icebergs the size of houses; abseil into deep crevasses; and BBQ on the pack ice in utter seclusion.

- Further north, a dive master will lead you underwater in dry-suits to watch guillemots smashing into the water at great speeds to catch fish – this really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

- Cruise into glacial valleys and wide fjords where a guide will take you ski touring on virgin slopes.

- Get close to an ice cap with hundreds of glacial waterfalls crashing from the edge into the ocean. You can opt to get closer still and get into the water to see the scale of the ice shelf on a whole new level.

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