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Undiscovered Myanmar & Thailand

A cruising route through the forested regions of Southern Thailand and the Mergui Archipelago in southern Myanmar takes in some of the world’s genuinely unspoiled regions – the diversity of flora, fauna and marine life is remarkable.

When to go: November – February

- Board a heli to explore one of the oldest rainforests on Earth, with rare plant species such as the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. Kayak and canoe across lakes and up rivers, before heading ashore to enjoy lunch under the canopy with a Thai buffet prepared by private chefs.

- Trek through the jungle, encountering hundreds of bird species and various mammals, heading towards a renowned elephant park, where you will help to prepare an elephant-lunch of fresh fruits, before feeding the elephants by hand in a unique, chain-free and ethical environment.

- Visit a local temple and participate in a very special ritual as monks perform their morning chants and give you a personal blessing before learning the sacred art of tattooing.

- Meet with The Moken People in their stilted villages; sea nomads who still live as hunter-gatherers in perfect harmony with the ocean. Spend time together learning to free dive and listen to their tales, handed down through generations.

- Head deep into the archipelago for a survival adventure. You will be stranded in a remote location with little more than your team and an expert survival guide, and tasked with the challenges faced by a real castaway.

- Take a submersible down some incredible wall dives. The sheer volume and vibrance of marine life will hit you as soon as you descend. Blue line snapper will form huge schools that obscure the reef from view. Glassfish are equally numerous, as are gold-striped fusiliers and yellow tail barracuda.

- Head inland to a traditional Thai retreat where you will uncover the art of Thai boxing with a famous boxing champion.

- Take part in exclusive marine conservation efforts, assisting scientists to gain a new understanding of Manta Rays and their migratory habits.


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