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Sailing and Kayaking the Dalmatian Coast


Famed for being the most beautiful shoreline in Europe, the Dalmatian Coast is home to mythical caves, mysterious islands and mesmerising landscapes. Navigating these calm waters through a combination of kayaking and sailing is the best way of accessing these incredible locations.

When to go: May – June, September – October

- The Adriatic coast which spans the southern part of Croatia, passes Montenegro and then on to the northern stretches of Albania is one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere in the world. Tiny islands, precipitous cliffs, historic fortress cities and stunning waters combine for a sensational aesthetic and enticing adventures.

- Board your sailing catamaran at the UNESCO world heritage site of Dubrovnik, complete with crew and kayaks on board. You will then sail out towards the stunning Elaphiti islands of Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan and Jakljan.

- Once out amongst the picturesque islands, your days are dictated by your own pace in the kayaks as you progress south along the Dalmatian coast. The itinerary is completely flexible, allowing you to stop and explore the islands and inlets of your choosing, all the while accompanied by an expert Pelorus guide.

- Each evening, as dusk approaches, the catamaran will come to meet you before sailing onwards towards the departure point for the following day. Enjoy a delicious and well-deserved evening meal under the stars, before settling in for the night and waking up the next morning in a new location.

- Pass the border into Montenegro, country number two on your journey as you continue southwards. Look out for friendly pods of dolphins which frequently escort kayakers and break up the journey with a few nights spent in a stunning medieval citadel island

- The final push on your trip comes as you cross your last marine frontier and into Albanian waters to complete your epic kayaking and sailing odyssey down this beautiful coastline.

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