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Wildlife Discovery in Antarctica

Antarctica is home to extraordinarily diverse and resilient wildlife and witnessing it through a PELORUS yacht expedition will ensure you have the most organic and intimate of encounters with a diverse range of endemic species


When to go: December – February

- Alongside your resident naturalist you will set up the beginning of a week-long collaborative research project, learning how to identify and track individual whales and penguins. The data you collect will help to identify their hunting grounds and migratory routes, contributing to spectacular pioneering research.

- Head out in the yacht’s tenders for a close encounter with the amazing basalt geological formations that surround you in this vast wilderness. As you explore, look out for humpbacks and orcas playing in the icy water.

- Climb into a sea kayak and make your way steadily to shore; explore this frozen lunar landscape while marvelling at the abundant wildlife that can be found there. Once ashore, set off across the ice to observe one of the largest Chinstrap penguin colonies in the world going about their daily lives. In amongst them, watch seals slip into the water in search of fish - a unique opportunity for a truly personal encounter with Antarctic wildlife.

- Discover the depths of the Antarctic by submarine. Marvel at the abundance of sea-life flourishing beneath the ice in such freezing conditions and follow amazing iceberg walls as they drop deep into the dark abyss.

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