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Yachting team round table


Yacht Build and Refit

Learn how the Pelorus Yachting team uses their expert knowledge to advise and assist in your yacht build or refit project.

Yacht travel has changed considerably in recent years. The industry has seen significant technical developments and a shift in the mind-set of yacht owners and crew, much of which centres around exploring further afield while minimally impacting the environment. With this comes the need for yachts that have been specifically designed and equipped to tackle these far-flung, remote destinations. A deep understanding of both the yachting world and extreme exploration is imperative in preparing a yacht for this kind of travel.

This is where the Pelorus Yachting team can advise and assist in your yacht build or refit project. Whether you are seeking to fully customise an existing vessel or commission a new build project, our highly skilled team provide the expertise and advice in operational requirements and technical modifications down to the latest tenders and toys for expeditions, to maximise the yachts capabilities and enhance her appeal for charter.

KUDANIL EXPLORER expedition yacht Yachting team planning around map
MAGNA GRECIA yacht exterior OCTOPUS helicopter on helipad