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Hero Support Vessel DeepSee

DeepSee has been masterfully crafted to move agilely through the water without compromising on comfort or safety. Undersea Hunter are actively involved in pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration. They aim to extend the list of those fortunate enough to explore the ocean depths to include more than just a privileged handful of scientists and military personnel.

DeepSee is built to accommodate a pilot and two passengers. She boasts a 4-inch-thick acrylic sphere allowing for 360-degree views even at depths of up to 1,500 feet. This acrylic dome allows passengers a sense of complete freedom as you explore the underwater realm. Hop into DeepSee and discover parts of the ocean previously unexplored without compromising on comfort, flexibility, and safety. Plan your journey, charting your depth and the species you want to find while enjoying the surprising encounters that always accompany any deep-sea adventure.

DeepSee Sub Interior with View of Manta Ray DeepSee submarine before descent
Whaleshark Bottom Window of DeepSee submarine Support Vessel DeepSee Submarine Argo Yacht