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Built in 1958, KINFISH has undergone various refits and upgrades, with the most recent major work taking place in 2017, to transform her from a Norwegian sea rescue vessel to the expedition passenger ship she is today. She accommodates 12 guests in an intimate and informal atmosphere as well as offering 360-degree views from all deck levels, perfect for observing and photographing wildlife and scenery from varying perspectives. At 37 metres, her compact ice-class hull allows for increased manoeuvrability to explore isolated coves and inlets along the Arctic coastlines she explores. With the option to include a research element to your charter on board KINFISH, her multi-deck design provides a room primarily used for presentations, in which you can learn more about the research you are conducting, as well as excellent lounge and relaxation spaces. The on board survey station is fitted with sonars and ROW and is often used by some of the world’s top scientists. Her state-of-the-art bridge equipment also allows passengers to view 3-D images of the seabed below.
kinfish yacht exterior svalbard kinfish yacht exterior
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