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Luxury Ski Experiences

Our ski experts know the world’s best ski spots inside out, from the best lodges, the most pristine pistes, and the best glaciers for heli-skiing. Whether you’re travelling with a range of capabilities or ages, looking for an indulgent Alpine break in Europe or a family skiing holiday in North America, we can help plan your ultimate ski experience.

Our Top Ski Destinations


Still considered one of the most inaccessible destinations on the planet, skiing in Antarctica is perhaps the greatest challenge of all for those who crave a true skiing adventure. For those looking for the world’s best heli skiing destination, Antarctica is truly in a class of its own. As the coldest and driest continent, it is challenging and rewarding in equal measure – a desert of fresh snow ready to be explored by those daring enough to accept its call.

Pelorus is pioneering heli skiing in Antarctica and paving the way for the future of explorers in the white desert. A wilderness of breathtaking landscape that stretches further than the eye can see, this terrain offers an abundance of white slopes and fresh slate as the geography of Antarctic ice is constantly changing.


Discover the remote peaks of Sweden, as you take on over 8,000 square kilometres of alpine skiing, featuring all levels of terrain amidst breathtaking scenery. A high alpine area located just north of the Polar circle on the border of Norway and Sweden, Riksgränsen is a skier’s paradise: unregulated, wild, and undisturbed.

With over 100 unique peaks with varying vertical drops to choose from, skiers of all abilities will find something to enjoy. Begin on powdered slopes where you will ski down to sea level as you enjoy views of the fjords all around you. The landscapes in this region are geographically spectacular, particularly where the Skanderna mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean, so you can expect pristine slopes with mesmerising views in all directions.

During the months of March through to May, there is a strong chance of catching sight of the elusive Northern Lights as they move across the Arctic sky. For those visiting Sweden later in the season, you’ll be able to prolong your days as you ski under the midnight sun – a truly unique and surreal experience.


Northern Iceland’s sweeping mountains provide world-class terrain in one of the most remote and sparsely populated places on the planet. Relish the novelty of untouched slopes with steep decants that cry out for fresh tracks. The area sees some of the highest average snowfall on the planet, making it a dream spot for skiers and boarders alike. With endless terrain to explore, your heli will be on standby to give you unrivalled and instant access to world-class runs. Start each decent atop spectacular peaks and glide through fresh powder right to the sea shore.

For a day off your feet, explore the area on a traditional Nordic horse as you discover sweeping valleys, striking fjords and glacial rivers. Spend a day out to sea in search of ocean giants in the other worldly landscape of Eyjafjordur, a prime sport for blue or humpback whales or even orca.


Chile has amazing opportunities for skiers of all levels, especially for the more adventurous. The Andes are the second-highest mountain range in the world and provide incredible skiing and snowboarding, best explored on a heli skiing expedition. With Pelorus, gain access to areas within the Andes where the Olympic ski teams go to train in the company of one of the industry’s most experienced heli-ski guides who has ski-raced in the Olympics and spent a decade on the U.S. Ski Team.

There are also options for traditional ski and and ski out experiences and back country skiing, or visit Patagonia for alpine ski terrain which offers open bowls, steep couloirs, and mellow glacier runs.


Break away from the borders of controlled pistes to carve your way down untouched slopes. High octane, adrenaline fuelled adventure awaits you in a cat or heli-skiing experience, as you are the first to venture down vast swathes of pristine powder in complete isolation.

Ride in a snowcat above the tree line before descending across wide open alpine areas. Here, the varied terrain means that each line picked offers a fresh challenge and will see you carving long, swooping arcs before bouncing between lower trees.

A unique BC skiing experience, from December to April head up the mountain for an adrenaline fuelled experience of night skiing in a ski-suit studded with LEDs and a series of powerful spotlights.


Discover the unrivalled powder, breathtaking views, and spectacular mountains of Colorado. Situated in the West Elk mountain range, Irwin boasts a greater concentration of fresh powder than almost anywhere else on Earth. With high altitudes and cold temperatures, the resulting fluffy powder is a dream to glide through.

With diverse terrain, there is something to suit everyone in this iconic ski area. For advanced skiers, challenging terrain can be found varying from open alpine bowls, steep narrow chutes, couloirs, and tight tree skiing. With cliffs and rock bands, there is the chance to catch between 5-40 feet of air, alongside low angle, wide-open runs that even relaxed skiers can experience the magic of powder skiing.

These unique conditions are envied throughout the world. The magically remote location gives a rare feel of wilderness where you can revel in the beauty of solitude alongside just your group and the mountains for company. Your Pelorus guides will find the best terrain to meet each of your personal desires and abilities, catering to everyone’s needs.


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